MasterCard announces crypto support

MasterCard announces that it will introduce cryptocurrency payments. One billion people belong to the customer base of the Visa competitor and could thus become new crypto users.

It is currently unknown which cryptocurrencies are included

Although the crypto space corrected its prices a little downwards – Bitcoin lost 3.12 percent since yesterday February 10, Ethereum 3.6 – Tesla under Elon Musk and a growing DeFi market have recently given cryptocurrencies new all-time highs : Times of boom. Times in which the established financial giants and credit institutions do not want to be left behind. And although the rumors about crypto integrations in recent weeks and months louder the credit company Visa circled , it is now Master Card, officially announced the news: The crypto integration of a billion-customer-strong company is – and with him countless potential crypto newbies.

The listed payment service provider announced this in a press release . MasterCard justified the move as follows:

Whatever your opinion on cryptocurrencies – from die-hard fanatic to hopeless skeptic – the fact is and remains: These digital assets are becoming an increasingly important part of our payment world.

MasterCard will introduce crypto integration in 2021

The New York-based company would already notice that more and more people were using MasterCard to buy Bitcoin and Co. on crypto exchanges – “especially during the recent price rally”. In order not to miss the connection, MasterCard announces that it will implement support for cryptocurrencies in its own network in 2021. Exactly which cryptocurrencies are planned has not yet been commented on. However, it is likely that Bitcoin and possibly also Ethereum will be on board at the start.

MasterCard wants to help “these new concepts” to develop their full potential, while at the same time promoting the necessary “guidelines”.

We’re here to help buyers, traders and companies move digital assets (traditional or crypto) however they want. It should be your choice because it’s your money.

Days after Elon-Musk’s message that payment for his Tesla cars would also be made via Bitcoin in the future, the message from the financial services provider represents another important step towards mainstream crypto adaptation.