AEW Vents Into NFT Space: BTC-e Founder Seeks Release

• AEW has ventured into the NFT space despite WWE Moonsault’s declining engagement.
• North Korean crypto wallets have been sanctioned while Binance says it helped the Treasury seize $4.4M.
• BTC-e founder accused of money laundering seeks to be freed in prisoner swap, as ECB’s Panetta deems digital euro necessary to ensure central bank money dominance.

AEW Ventures Into NFT Space

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is venturing into the non-fungible token (NFT) space despite WWE Moonsault’s declining engagement. The move comes amidst North Korean crypto wallets being sanctioned and Binance saying that it helped the U.S Treasury seize $4.4 million dollars worth of cryptocurrencies from wallets thought to be involved in criminal activities or under sanctions.

BTC-e Founder Accused of Money Laundering

Meanwhile, BTC-e founder Alexander Vinnik is seeking to be freed in a prisoner swap after he was accused of money laundering and other crimes related to cryptocurrency fraud and theft. The European Central Bank’s (ECB) Ignazio Panetta also recently deemed a digital euro necessary to ensure the central bank’s money dominance in Europe going forward.

Whales Offloading Multichain

The article then goes on to discuss how whales have been offloading Multichain tokens amid network issues causing transaction delays. Several major investors were reported as reducing their exposure to MULTI by selling large amounts on various exchanges such as Gate and Sushiswap, resulting in a 27% drop in value for the token overall.

Mainnet Plans Announced by Coinbase Base

In other news, Coinbase’s Base protocol has announced its mainnet plans which have so far received interest from the Aave community who are keenly observing developments with this new project closely. It appears that there is still a lot of activity taking place within the cryptocurrency world despite all the regulatory scrutiny that continues to try and limit its growth and potential worldwide adoption, particularly when it comes to stablecoins and decentralized finance projects which continue to draw attention from investors around the globe looking for higher yields than traditional investment vehicles offer currently.


In conclusion, AEW’s venture into NFT space is an indication that cryptocurrencies will continue their journey towards mainstream adoption despite ongoing regulatory scrutiny while whales are offloading Multichain tokens due delayed transactions on its network leading it down by 27%. Coinbase’s Base announces mainnet plans which has attracted interest from Aave community while BTC-e founder accused of money laundering seeks freedom in prisoner swap as ECB’s Panetta deems digital euro necessary for central bank money dominance in Europe