„Don’t ask what Bitcoin can do for you – ask what you can do for Bitcoin“

fulmo founder Jeff Gallas interviewed: These are the 7 Days of Bitcoin

Seven days of Bitcoin: How the community is waving the BTC flag and how every Bitcoiner can become part of the biggest decentralised project in human history.

As a decentralised cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has no marketing team. BTC lives on the faith and spirit of its users – and they certainly want to see the digital gold grow. In this spirit, Jeff Gallas, better known as the founder of fulmo, a Berlin-based start-up Bitcoin Revolution software entirely dedicated to the lightning network, launched the hashtag „7DaysOfBitcoin“. We spoke to Gallas about the idea behind it as well as the power of Bitcoin’s decentralised marketing team.

The idea came about in the run-up to the Lightning Hacksprint at the weekend. We wanted to use the hashtag to create a framework where everyone, not just coders, can contribute to the Bitcoin decentralised project. Because for people who don’t have a technical background, such hacksprints are also daunting
Jeff Gallas

Among others, Gallas has motivated the Bitcoin community with his call to write blog articles and instructions for BTC software. For example, software developer Dennis Reimann has written a guide explaining how Bitcoiners can connect their Full Node to the Specter Desktop Wallet.

Elon Musk took the cake, though. The richest man in the world has been a supporter of Bitcoin for quite some time – but at the latest since Tesla added BTC worth 1.5 million US dollars to the Tesla balance sheet, it is clear: Musk is a BTC cop. As we had already reported, the carmaker now accepts Bitcoin. We think that means you get to pick an unofficial winner of the Seven Day Challenge.

„Translations are also popular; anyone who speaks more than one language can actually do this. Many texts that were originally in English are translated into German by the community,“ Jeff Gallas indirectly calls on the Bitcoin community to join in.

Hack sprint for the pros

With this action, the fulmo founder wants to draw attention to the upcoming Lightning Hacksprint. Under the motto „What can you do for the Lightning network“, fulmo is organising a hackathon on the topic of Lightning next weekend (26 and 27 March). There, programmers as well as interested Bitcoiners can expand their Lightning experience and of course contribute to improvements of the network itself.

The Lightning Hacksprint is the online continuation of the Lightning Hackday and is about advancing open source software for the Lightning network with various challenges. There we work together on existing projects and try to promote them.
Jeff Gallas

Decentralised marketing

What also always works is the BTC street art campaign. Sticker pasting as a decentralised marketing department of Bitcoin.
Jeff Gallas

What Gallas is alluding to here is the „Ideas are like flames“ project. This is a group of Bitcoiners from Munich who have created the Twitter bot @BTCSTREETART. Using a Telegram connection, the bot posts photos of Bitcoin stickers that are posted all over the world by Bitcoin’s decentralised marketing department.

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